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Match Day Support (MDS) A hugely important function of Quinssa is the provision of Match Day Support (MDS) at The Stoop.  Mr Harlequin (AKA Chris Munton) co-ordinates our trusty Match Makers and is, this season, looking to significantly improve both the volume and the quality of our vocal support. He will be introducing a number of new initiatives to ensure that ‘The Boys’ can rely on having the best & the loudest Supporters, not just in the Premiership, but in Europe and THE WORLD !


The raft of new ideas planned, include:


  • Seeking input and ideas from all Supporters to help, add to and/or improve existing vocal support.
  • Building on existing communication and co-operation with Quins PA, Match Day Staff and ‘The Bears’.
  • Recruiting DOUBLE the number of MDS volunteers who actively initiate and promote songs and chants in support of the TEAM.
  • Livening up our vocal support repertoire with a couple of new songs,
  • Actively developing a ‘Mighty Quins Choir’.
  • Discussing with the Club and other Supporter Groups, the use of Drums, flags, clap banners etc for key matches.


If you would like to join the Match Makers or you have any suggestions for new ideas, songs or chants, please contact Chris (, Kay ( or John ( If you would rather meet up with somebody at the ground, Chris is the one with the silly hat, waving a flag…..!!


REMEMBER: Join up before the BIG MATCH and get your MDS Rosette FREE !


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