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The Quinssa Committee

Chris Munton (Match Day Support)
Joined the committee at the 2013 AGM
I joined Harlequins in 1959, when, as Secretary of my ‘Old Boys’ Rugby team, I approached the Club to introduce a prospective young player.  As a dedicated England supporter (haven’t missed a home game since 1954/55) and a committed ‘hippy’ at the time, the combination of rugby and the Quins colours proved irresistible !  I have been part of the Club ever since and featured in “Rugby World” following the 1966 Centenary celebrations.
I’m a member of HPA (Harlequins Players Association) albeit my playing career in the quartered shirt was mainly limited to the Quins Gentlemen as I was my ‘Old Boys’ Club Captain and also organised and captained the ‘Combined London Old Boys’ team throughout the 60’s.
I became an “official Supporter” in 2004,  when I signed up with Quinssa, joining  the  Committee  in 2012, with responsibility for Match Day Support. Over the years, my enthusiasm for Quins attire and a passionate commitment to the Club has led to the nick name of ‘Mr Harlequin’ and I aim to be at every match, Home or Away. I‘m currently working  with the Club to help preserve the ethos & values of rugby and develop initiatives to maintain the great traditions of the sport.

Duncan 'Prof' Franklin


Founder Member

My mum used to support Quins back in the 1950s, mainly because she fancied the full-back WPC Davies, so she has a lot to answer for!

I was voted onto the old Harlequins Supporters' Club shortly before it closed down and so a few of us got together to set up a new supporters' club that would do more for the Club and it's fans.

My wife was a Wasps supporter when I first met her, but she saw the light and has been a season ticket for a number of years, and our son was just a few weeks old when he went to his first match. It's quite annoying that I had to wait 45 years to see Quins win the league, my son was just 4 months old and he slept through the last five minutes even though the crowd around us was going wild - he obviously thought it was never in doubt!

I am very keen on supporting all aspects of our club - not only the main squad and Academy but also making more connections with the history of our fabulous club through the old players and trying to promote the Ladies and Amateurs teams too.

For the past few years I've been the person who sends out the weekly mailer.

Emma 'Rugbybird' Stewart
I have been on the Quinssa committee since it was formed back in March 2003 and a Quins Season Ticket Holder for 16 years. I have been supporting Quins for longer than that and have to confess a certain Mr Carling had something to do with it at the start! My passion for rugby -and especially all things Quins - earned me my nickname of Rugby Bird, or RB for short. My daughter went to her first match at just 12 days old and has been accompanying me ever since - having her own Season Ticket since she got too big to sit on my lap!

In addition to assisting with the day to day running of Quinssa, I organise our annual Quinssa Dinner (where we have a player host per table and present our Quinssa Supporters Awards) as well as Quinssa tables at the Club's End of Season Dinner and our regular Christmas collection for the Shooting Star CHASE children's hospices.

Apparently I'm "very loud" in my support for the team so I look forward to hearing you being loud and proud with me! COME ON YOU QUINS!

Geoff Sykes


Joined the committee at the 2016 AGM

My first association with the club came through playing my schoolboy rugby on the old Harlequins Ground in Fairfax Road Teddington and trying to emulate the great Bob Hiller from the kicking tee  - fail!! My love of the game was formed and I have followed Rugby ever since. I have been a regular at The Stoop for over 12 years and a season ticket holder and Quinssa member for 5.  As well as our home games, I have attended many away and European games along with my wife who is also a member and a huge fan. 


I am looking forward to working with colleagues on the committee to steer the Association through its next chapter and ensure that we continue to provide benefits to fellow supporters, whilst raising money for our great club.

John Heigham

Joined the committee at the 2017 AGM

I got my first Quins season ticket, in 2002, to make me take Saturday afternoons away from my new consulting business. In the days of Andre Vos, Will Greenwood, Paul Burke et al.
 It’s been a great few years of successes and failures, but always enjoyable, including a memorable, snowy, weekend in February 2006, with a loss to Exeter (only loss of the relegated season!) followed by England’s 6 Nations defeat in the clubhouse afterwards and the return trip to Exmouth for dinner and bed. 


I joined Quinssa in 2004 and have enjoyed the regular events and meetings over the intervening years, particularly listening to our hero, Wayne Barnes.  


In 2017 I decided to give some support to the committee, instead of always leaving the work to everybody else, now that I am nearing the end of my Accounting career (at last). Luckily the Quinssa members did not know who I was, so I was elected successfully.


My other interests are family (3 grandsons so far) and rock and country music, so this year I am going to work with the other musos to try to increase the entertainment of the match day singing and chanting.


[Got my first Quins ticket
Bought it at the stoop office
Me and some boys from church (!?)
Had our seats, and we watched the games
Sitting in the Etihad stand, cheering the lads on
It was the summer of 2000 and 2
Those were the best days of my life……………
(With apologies to Bryan Adams)]


Kay Capon

Joined the committee at the 2017 AGM

Rugby has been my passion for a very long time. At the age of six my grandfather started taking me to watch Plymouth Albion and this continued until I went to college in Bristol. I then, with my future husband, regularly attended the Bristol home games.
It was when supporting the Lions tours of 2005, 2009 and 2013 that I met Harlequins supporters who introduced me and my husband to both The Stoop and the delights of travelling to away fixtures in Europe. We soon became hooked and saw the important role that Quinssa plays. It soon became clear to me that not only did I want to be part of this rugby family but I wanted to to give something back to the club which has welcomed us so warmly,  provided us with a new set of friends, given us much fun and laughter and not least has allowed us to witness some memorable moments on the rugby field.


Lou Hopkins (Coaches/Membership Secretary)


Joined the committee at the 2012 AGM
I have been supporting Quins from afar since the late 80s when my father was fixture secretary at our local rugby club in Bideford (Devon) and organised a couple of matches against Quins when they came to Devon on tour – I liked the shirts (and then Will Carling!). I started actively supporting Quins in 1998 when I returned to England having spent 5 years in Paris, and have been going to games home and away ever since. I joined Quinssa when it started back in 2003, and joined the Quinssa committee 3 years ago. One of my first duties as a committee member was to organise a summer boat trip with Adrian Jobling. For the last couple of seasons, I have been part of the Quinssa coach team with Warren Kennedy, organising as many coaches to away fixtures as possible. From this season, I have started assisting Scott Cooke with membership as well as continuing organising away coaches with Warren. If I am not on the stand at home games, I am never very far away should anyone want to find me and have a chat (or in the Members bar after the game)!

Lyn Gadd (Secretary)

Joined the committee at the 2013 AGM

I became an ardent Rugby ‘convert’ in my late teens after a ‘romantic involvement’ with a Wing Forward, and then, knowing Mr Harlequin (Chris Munton) it was no surprise that I became a Harlequins Supporter nearly 20 years ago. I joined the Quinssa Committee at the 2013 AGM and became Secretary the following season when the previous Secretary resigned. 
My enthusiasm for the Club, combined with a love of colour & a passion for making things, inspired me to develop a range of Quinssa merchandising material to raise money for the Academy. Initially, I made Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Key Rings, all in Quins colours. These items were and continue to be popular with members and over the years, I have made numerous other items including ‘Owl Cushions’, ‘Match Day Bags’, ‘Personalised Bunting’. ‘Xmas Decorations’ and ‘Bottle Bags’. I’m always looking for new projects so don’t hesitate to come to our stand in the Kings Bar with suggestions and a chat. As of June 2019, the sale of merchandise has raised nearly £5,000 for the Academy.
I travel to most away matches and love the oversea trips, having been involved in managing the ticket sales and identifying meeting places for our travelling choir ! 


Pat Scott

Joined the committee at the 2017 AGM


I became a Harlequins STH in 2001 and have actively helped with Quinssa events for several years. I’m looking forward to a closer involvement in the running of Quinssa over the next few years and I’m pleased to see the growth of Ladies Rugby at club and International level. I would have loved to have played the game. I am busy outside of rugby with my family, particularly my grandchildren and I enjoy travelling especially to rugby tournaments around the world.

Scott Cooke (Chair)

Joined the committee at the 2010 AGM, became Chair at the 2015 AGM


I've been supporting Quins for over 13 years and have been a Quinssa member since 2006.

I joined the Quinssa committee in 2010 and have been responsible for booking tickets for our European away games in France, Italy and Ireland from the start. It was a great way to get involved and have made many friends, both from Quins and the clubs we've played against.

I was membership secretary from October 2011 to June 2015 and it's been fantastic to see the continued growth in membership which we've almost trebled in 4 years.

At the 2015 AGM I was elected as Chair which I’m very proud of and I’m looking forward to leading the committee in what promises to be a very exciting few years ahead with the RWC followed by the club’s 150th anniversary.


Steve Scott (Vice Chair)

I joined the Committee at the 2007 AGM 
I joined Quinssa in 2003 when it was first launched and have served on the committee since holding positions as Secretary, Treasurer and Chair at various times. I became Chair in 2012 and served in that position until 2015. I am very pleased that Quinssa has continued to grow strongly and I enjoy being part of the team of dedicated Harlequins supporters who make up the committee.
I played rugby at school in South London and for a short while after for a City Firm until international travel for work got in the way. I saw Harlequins play a few times in the 70’s and 80’s but only became a regular attendee and STH in 2001. Now I attend most Quins games every season, home and away and also get to as many England games as time and funds will allow.
I have worked in the Road Construction industry for over 40 years and often bring clients and employees to games at The Stoop where they often comment on the great atmosphere and friendly environment. 

Warren Kennedy (Treasurer and Coaches)
I started attending Quins games regularly mid-season in 2005 when I ” inherited” my cousins season ticket when he moved to Australia  (Still seems to me, a bit of an extreme way to deal with relegation ...)
In ND1 season, as a way to meet new people I started travelling on the Quinssa coaches to away games.  A flippant comment offering to help with any logistics, meant I was almost instantaneously suckered into taking over the running of away coaches in 2007 & have been doing so ever since. 
I am now ably assisted by Louise, though we haven’t quite decided who is the ‘brains’ and who is the ‘face’ of the operation yet.
In 2008 I joined the Quinssa committee, and am genuinely surprised there hasn’t been a vote of no confidence yet.
In 2012 I took on the role of Treasurer of Quinssa. 
Outside of rugby, I quite like cooking & entertaining.  Brunch for 45 people in my 1 bedroom flat in Barnes before last game of season one year sticks in my mind...
I have a rapidly growing red wine collection with very few bottles in the “3 for £10” category.  Am trying to build my whiskey collection, but there appear to be holes in all the bottles... Quite sadly, have recently joined the National Trust.

Quinssa Committee Changes at the 2017 AGM

  • Adrian Jobling stepped down
  • Pat Scott, John Heigham and Kay Capon joined the committee
  • AGM Minutes


Previous Committee Members

  • Melvin Baldock Was a committee member for the 2003-4 season
  • Si Bolton Committee Member for 2014/15 and 2015/16
  • Sue Clayton-Smith Committee member for 2010/11 & 11/2012
  • Chris Clements Co-opted for the 2013/4 season
  • Simon Coleman Was a committee member from the start until the end of the 2008-9 season and had stints as Chairman and Membership Secretary
  • Stephen Engel Committee member for the 2012 season
  • Jon Forster Committee member from 2006-7 to 2009-10
  • Cliff Funnell Was a committee member for the 2005-6 to the 2007-8 seasons
  • Sarah Gladstone Joined the committee at the 2010 AGM and was a member and secretary until 2013/4
  • John Hartley Was a committee member for the 4 years and Chair for 4 until stepping down in 2012
  • Adrian Jobling was a committee member from 2012-2017
  • Alan Kurtz Was Secretary for the 2003-4 season
  • Emma-Jane Kurtz Was Secretary for the 2004-5 season
  • Andrew Lawton (non-Committee Member for Coaches) until 2013
  • David Perry Was a committee member for the 2007-8 season
  • Barbara Richardson Was a committee member for the 2003-4 season
  • Steve Scott was a member (2008) and Chair (from 2012) before stepping down in 2015 and being co-opted
  • Rob Steers joined in the 2015/16 season and resigned at the end of 2016
  • Will Warner Was Chairman from the start until the end of the 2005-6 season
  • Rob White Was a committee member for the 2005-6 season
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