Our Aims

1. To support the activities and enterprises of the Harlequin Football Club, both on and off the field

2. To promote and facilitate the interest and activities of members of Quinssa in their support of the club

3. To represent the interest of Quinssa members to the club

4.To manage and ratify Quinssa income and expenditure in accordance with a financial strategy agreed annually by the Committee

5. To provide effective communications with Quinssa members


Overarching our Aims are the following ‘Guiding Principles’:

  • We don’t believe in creating artificial divisions between different Quins fans and Quinssa coaches, travel arrangements, surveys, websites and many of our social events and other activities will be open to all supporters of Quins. We are here to bring supporters together, not to separate them;
  • We will seek to work constructively with all Quins supporters or any bodies also active in promoting or supporting Harlequin FC;
  • We seek to work constructively with the Club on all issues.

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