Our Aims

1. To support the Harlequin Football Club

Our support for the club encompasses all of its activities and enterprises, both on the field and off. To further this aim Quinssa will:

  • Arrange coach travel to all 1st XV fixtures within coach distance and advise on travel to all 1st XV away matches for non-coach travellers
  • Coordinate travel to all foreign destinations, by assisting fans with details of plane, rail and preferred hotels, co-ordinating and publishing our itinerary
  • Publicise and support all games by the club’s subsidiary teams
  • Promote, support and attend Club events.
  • Promote and encourage the community and charity efforts of the Club.

2. To provide opportunities for Quins fans to meet and enjoy the company of each other, and fans from other clubs

Many of us have made lasting friends supporting Quins. We aim to help Quins fans to meet each other, to socialise, to enjoy the Stoop experience and hopefully to bring their friends.  We also believe firmly in the importance of socialising with opposition fans to preserve the unique atmosphere of club Rugby.

The numerous social activities now arranged by the Club mean that opportunities for Quinssa to achieve this aim, by positive collaboration with the Club, are plentiful and we aim to:

  • Support and attend all Club social functions, publicising them to members in advance
  • Wherever practical, to arrange meeting places at home games where home and away fans can meet and socialise with each other
  • Develop and maintain links with supporters and Supporters’ Associations of other Clubs
  • From time to time hold Quinssa social functions.
  • We believe that an on line presence is a key communication method and Quinssa will look to maintain its own web site and provide links to, and participate in, other appropriate sites

3. To represent the interests of Quins Fans

Quinssa will seek to ascertain the wishes of the fans, by survey and by discussion and to represent the interests of the fans to the Club, and elsewhere when necessary.  We will campaign on issues affecting fans, and which our members tell us are important to them.

Overarching our Aims are the following ‘Guiding Principles’:

  • We don’t believe in creating artificial divisions between different Quins fans and Quinssa coaches, travel arrangements, surveys, websites and many of our social events and other activities will be open to all supporters of Quins. We are here to bring supporters together, not to separate them;
  • We will seek to work constructively with all Quins supporters or any bodies also active in promoting or supporting Harlequin FC;
  • We seek to work constructively with the Club on all issues.

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